This past weekend, Vince and Sarah had the opportunity go head back to Vince’s hometown to show support at a local fundraiser, Rally for Rhonda.

In 2016, Rhonda experienced the loss of strength in her right arm and hand and was diagnosed with ALS.  Rally for Rhonda was created by Gaynor Cranberry Company, the employer of Rhonda’s son, Justin, in order to raise funds to give Rhonda and her family the most comfortable and enriching quality of life as her disease progresses.


The evening was filled with numerous activities such as a golf tournament, raffle/silent auction, a Vince Biegel Meet & Greet, and a concert by country singer, John King.


It was incredible to see the love and support that the community had for Rhonda and her family!

If you would like more information or are interested in donating, below is the link for Rhonda’s GoFundMe page.



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