We had some Mother’s Day baking fun with the little girls and Grammy.  We decided to try our hand at a new treat, scones!  I will admit I have never made scones before, but was shocked at how easy they were to make, and how DELICIOUS they were! Dang.

We followed the recipe from domesticallyblissful.com, and would highly recommend it.












*Use COLD butter.  This mades the scones flaky.












Use the mixer to combine the ingredients.  Be careful not to over mix, the dough will become tough.  When shaping the scones, it will be dry and crumbly- thats OK! Work loose material into the dough.


We iced with 1 cup powder sugar, 2 Tablespoons milk, and a splash of vanilla.

Overall these were a huge hit!  We will be making these again very soon! Make sure to treat your mother with something special this Mother’s Day!




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