Meet our Crew!

Hi!  We are Jamie and Rocky Biegel at Dempze Cranberry Company.  We are 4th generation cranberry growers here in Wisconsin.  My great grandfather, Charles Dempze, started in this industry and we are proud to carry on this family tradition.  We love Wisconsin, our family, and growing cranberries!

Hey guys, my name is Vince Biegel. I’m a 5th generation cranberry grower and a Miami Dolphin.  I feel blessed to have been able to grow up in Wisconsin, play for the Badgers, Packers and now, the Miami Dolphins.  Cranberries have always been a part of my life and I’m excited to continue that legacy while playing football for my favorite team.


Hi I’m Sarah, wife of Vince Biegel.  I married into the 5th generation of cranberry growers.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin and am a UW Badger alum.  I love learning about the Cranberry industry and my new family heritage!


Hey friends!  I’m Rochelle Biegel Hoffman and I am generation five cranberry grower.  My family and I live and grow berries on King Cranberries in Wisconsin.  I love Wisconsin and continuing my family heritage.

Hi I’m Hayden Biegel and I am a part of the 5th generation of cranberry growers.  I am a University of Wisconsin-Madison alum and played football for the UW Badgers football team.